Leprechauns Jokes

Aren’t we a bit old to be believin’ in Leprechauns?


A guy walks into a bathroom and steps up to some urinals.

Next to him is a really little man. The guy wonders how someone so short can reach the urinal. He watches and notices that this man has a really huge dick.

He leans over and says, “I don’t want to sound like a fag or anything, but I couldn’t help notice that you have a huge cock. Quite impressive actually!”

“Aye sir. My name is Shamus and I am a Leprechaun, and I kin grant ye three wishes to do with as is yer likin.’ Ye may use one of yer wishes to give yerself one of these!” the short man replied as he pointed to his dick.

‘You can grant me three wishes?”


“What’s the catch?”

“Ye let me fuck you up the arse.”

“Whoa!,” exclaims the man. “I ain’t doing anything gay for a big dick!”

“Aye, understandable.” Replies the little man. “Good evenin’ to ye sir!”

The guy starts washing his hands and begins to think.

“No one needs to know and it’s just for this one time. PLUS, I’ll get a really huge dick AND still have two wishes left! Fuck yeah!!!”

“Wait! I’ll do it!” he tells the little man.

He drops his pants, gets on his hands and knees and tries to prepare for what is about to happen. The little man gets behind him and slowly starts fucking the man. He gets up to speed and says, “well sir, aren’t we a bit old to be believin’ in Leprechauns?”

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