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All this Feigned Outrage for Jerry Jones’ Vegas Trip is Total Horseshit

Jerry Jones in Cowboys Stadium

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Jerry Jones. And as a Cowboys’ fan, I view this season as a total fucking abortion. I can’t stand that he is one step away from hiring himself as the new head coach.

What a douchebag!

However, it’s always comical to me that we get to watch the über-wealthy from the cheap seats and pass judgement on their actions. We tend to forget that we might resort to a whole new level of douchebaggery if in the same position.

Please let us remember the phrase, “Don’t cast stones in glass houses.”

Billy Joel Glass Houses

Except the glass is crystal and the stone is one monster fucking gold brick!

It’s really just a matter of looking at the situation proportionally.

Yeah, as unfair as it seems, Jerry snorting cocaine of a hooker’s ass is exactly like you having a beer at the end of a shit-ass day to take the edge off. You just have to extrapolate it out to about 9 decimal places to be in that world.

Jerry Jones in Vegas

Oh, to just have his "walking around money!"

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